About Student Boom

At Student Boom, we know how financially demanding the education system is on students. We set out with the dream to provide students with alternatives in order to buy, sell and exchange items related to education. Hoping to provide students with a quick way to make a deal and help them succeed.

 Our services hope to connect buyer and seller. This transaction should simultaneously help both the buyer and seller. 




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How We Do It

We connect students who are looking to buy, sell or exchange. Whether it be a textbook, uniform or even a projector, Student Boom is there to connect buyer and seller. 

The Seller

The seller will be satisfied with gaining some, or maybe all their original investment. The seller should make a post for all items they do not need any more that are related to education or the lifestyle of all students. Upon determining a price, the seller then proceeds to post this advertisement along with a description and photos. 

The Buyer

The buyer, who wants to save money or is having trouble finding the item elsewhere will log onto studentboom.com. After searching for the item in the search bar on the home page, the buyer will see if anyone is selling this item, for which price and which area the listing is located. The seller should then make contact with the buyer, confirm a transaction price and location, and then safely go and pick up the item. 


After this transaction both parties should be satisfied with the exchange. Please remember to make sure the item is in good condition and is the exact item you are looking for. Studentboom can not issue refunds as this is a classified ads website and the exchange is between two other parties. If in case their is a discrepancy with the item after the exchange, please contact the seller and try to communicate a solution. If that does not work and the seller is being unjust, please contact studentboominfo@studentboom.com, and we will take action to possibly  remove their account so such continued behavior does not happen again in our community. 


How it Works

Create Account

Start by making an account, registering is simple you just need an email and you're ready to start

Post your Ad

Secondly post your item, and it will be shorty reviewed and then accessible to all students

Get Offers

Buyers will then contact you, inquiring about the item and also about the details of the transaction

Sell Your Item

Work out a price and all the transaction details. Safely exchange your items and then you have made a deal!