1)To start, go to studentboom.com and log in or make an account. Making an account is fast and safe and you only need an email. 

2) Then proceed to the home page and use the search bar to enter your keywords and then select a category. 

3) After searching your desired item, browse through all the listings and select the listing that fulfills your needs. 

4) Upon inspecting the item listing and reading the descriptions and looking at the photos, contact the seller. You can do this through the chat function or by sending an email to the seller through Student Boom. 

5) When in communication with the seller, ask questions and make a deal that satisfies both parties. Also make a plan on how the item is going to be exchanged. This often is done through person to person, so make sure it is in a safe and secure area. Student Boom takes no responsibility for theft or any other incidents that might happen during the exchange. 

6) Lastly, complete the transaction safely and enjoy your item!